Should I List My Home During The Holidays?




One of the most common questions that I’m asked as the season approaches is, “Should I try to sell my home during the holidays or should I wait?” If you think waiting will give you some sort of advantage or leverage you would be wrong. Let’s discuss why it would actually be more advantageous for you as a seller to avoid playing the waiting game and consider the benefits of getting your home sold before January 1st.

  1. Inventory levels will affect your net profit. Like you, most will likely wait until the after New Year’s Day to list their property. There is always an increase in inventory at the start of every year. This undoubtedly results in dramatic increases in inventory which in turn creates more competition among sellers. The buyers out there have more inventory to choose from which means you could end up selling your home for less. Stay ahead of the inventory glut and get your home sold before the New Year’s ball drops!
  2. Buyers are generally more motivated at the end of the year. As an experienced Realtor of 12+ years in the Tampa Bay market, I have noticed that buyers that are seriously shopping after October 1st are in fact SERIOUS buyers. Most that are home shopping during this time have a goal to purchase before the end of the year and should be highly coveted. Many have employment deadlines, military orders or other motives that are forcing them to find a home and close. List your home during the fourth quarter and you may find this buyer knocking at your door.
  3. Listing after January 1st equals more days on market. Because most list after the start of the year, buyers have more choices. Because they have more choices they take longer to actually buy. This of course means it takes longer for you to sell your home. That means more carrying costs for you. If you have to pay a few months more of mortgage, utilities, taxes…. your net proceeds will be less. Avoid this and sell before the start of next year.

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